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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stats and Information

This has been an awesome cycling adventure. I recommend it anyone that likes cycling. I and members of my family have seen so many wonderful places and things. It has been a fantastic physical challenge and I'm happy that I was able to be up to the task. It proves that with dedication, preparation, and effort much is possible. I have always enjoyed efforts that require endurance over strength or speed. And endurance was the key here. However, having fun all along the route (rain or shine) made it truly enjoyable.  My blog reflects all the fun things we did and saw in addition to the miles biked.

Here are the milage by week and totals

West Coast Bike Ride Miles on Endomundo
Daily Miles Weekly accumulation miles
Monday 16-Jul 30.18
Tuesday 17-Jul 27.42
Wednesday 18-Jul 20.55
Thursday 19-Jul 33.74
Friday 20-Jul 67.39
Saturday 21-Jul 50.72
293.84 293.84
Monday 23-Jul 48.07
Tuesday 24-Jul 41.32
Wednesday 25-Jul 26.48
Thursday 26-Jul 31.21
Friday 27-Jul 61.82
Saturday 28-Jul 45.42
298.38 592.22
Monday 30-Jul 52.69
Tuesday 31-Jul 59.15
Wednesday 1-Aug 52.41
Thursday 2-Aug 56.92
Friday 3-Aug 38.87
Saturday 4-Aug 9.76
323.07 915.29
Monday 6-Aug 45.5
Tuesday 7-Aug 45.53
Wednesday 8-Aug 68.16
Thursday 9-Aug 41.54
Friday 10-Aug 62.05
Saturday 11-Aug 45.86
308.64 1223.93
Monday 13-Aug 45.82
Tuesday 14-Aug 31.9
Wednesday 15-Aug 69.44
Thursday 16-Aug 55.66
Friday 17-Aug 64.31
Saturday 18-Aug 74.49
341.62 1565.55
Monday 20-Aug 54.19
Tuesday 21-Aug 48.43
Wednesday 22-Aug 54.7
Thursday 23-Aug 54.3
211.62 1777.17

This what google maps had predicted.  In addition I have put in a total of 1279 miles of preparation cycling time.  Thus the total is milage for this year to date is 3056 miles.

I have used the endomundo web site to records my miles (with some technical glitches) and here is their stats.

Total workouts: 95
Total duration: 11d:18h:10m
Total distance:   3056 mi
Trips around the world: 0.113
Trips to the Moon: 0.012
Average speed: 10.01 mph
Average pace: 6m:00s/mi
Calories burned: 149,772 kcal (277 burgers)

My personal bests (per endomundo) are:

I meet many amazing touring cyclists.  Standouts includes one that had already cycled across the US from the east coast when I met him and planned to continue to Chile.  There was a group that was cycling for Cancer Research from the East Coast to San Francisco.  They said they had 4000 miles, 2 wheels, 1 goal, the cure for Cancer.  Most of the people I met were young people, but I met a few my age.  One couple was biking from Seattle to San Francisco with full touring gear.  There is a comradery that exists among trekers, which elicits friendly hand waves as we pass and willingness to talk about what they are doing.

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