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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 23 SP Taylor SP to Half Moon Bay SP

Here are Weston and my miles:

The highlight of this day was biking through San Francisco.  It was a longer day, but more tedious biking in the San Francisco neighborhoods.

The night before I got some interesting pictures of the Cassiopeia Constellation.

and the moon with the seven sisters (pleiades constellation), it looks like a miniature dipper.

We left the stand of redwoods in Samuel P. Tayler Park on the very nice bike train which included this bridge.

As we worked our way through Fairfax and San Rafael we looked toward the Goden Gate Bridge from wonderfully sunny conditions to a big bank of fog.

At the Golden Gate Bridge Luetta joined us to ride across the bridge.

This seemed like the most dangerous part of our bike trek with all the pedestrians and bikes on the West side of the bridge only.

It some somewhat blue skied at the start of the transversal, but the middle of the bridge was cold, windy, and foggy.  The South side was somewhat sunny again.  I guess the fog was raging through the gate.

We continued on southward to travere the Golden Gate Park and found ourselves smack in the middle a giant concert, the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival 2012.  We needed to trverse the park and continue on to Half Moon Bay, but entrance staff said that we would have to go around.  We pleaded that we just want to get across and continue our trek.  They finally said since we were on a bike we were to fast to be caught, so on we went and got to the other side of the park but off our route a bit.  Between Weston's smart phone with google and a person we asked for help we got back on track.  We passed Lake Merced and finally hit Skyline Blvd. which is a typical start point (from Coloma BART) where we start our 100 mile bike rides to Sunset Beach.  As normal the Pacific part of the route was deep in fog.  A big effort was required to go over Devils Slide, which again was covered in fog as shown in the photo.

We made it to the top and zoomed down the other side, normally we exit into sun, but not this time.  We had fog till a few miles of Half Moon Bay.  At least it was sunny until the evening fog moved back in.

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