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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 18 Humboldt Burlington to Leggett CA

I have now completed half of my West Coast bike Trek with the milage today:   and

On the way out of camp I met a local celebrity, Big Foot.

As I travel south it has been fun to see the wild flowers on the side of the road change.  I am now seeing many more sweet pea.

The big event of this day was after my bike ride we drove to Fort Bragg where we met Lynn who drove up with Weston.  Weston will join me for the next weeks ride.  Thanks to Lynn for helping Weston meet up with us.  We make reservations on the "Skunk Train", which is actually named after the smell of some of the engines, but really is a train that transported lumber and logs between Fort Bragg and Willits.  Here I am with Lynn and Weston.

Our train was pulled by Diesel Engine #64.  I bet our grandson, Lawrence, would have loved to ride with us.

We really enjoyed this ride to North Spur, half way to Willits, and had a wonderful Barbeque (Tri-tip and Chicken and all the fixing) before returning back to Fort Bragg.

Here we are. ALL ABOARD!

Including Luetta.

It was real fun watching the scenery from the open observing car.

And the traditional going around the bend shot.

The end of a wonderful trip and a fantastic first half of my Bike Odessey.

This completes three weeks at 6 days a week, we took each Sunday as a day of rest.  This puts a whole new meaning into "a day of rest", very appreciated day and a day of spiritual review of the weeks activities.

Here is the Summary by week:
1.  294 miles
2.  298 miles
3.  327 miles
for a total of (drum roll please):  915 miles

Only another 900 or so miles to go.

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