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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Day 9: Route 89 (Idaho to the Grand Canyon) Temple Tour

Today was a great day for biking and the route was wonderful with mostly downhill and one big hill in the middle.

Here is the start of my ride just outside the campground.

Back in Glendale where we went to church Sunday.

They are in harvest of alfalfa, here is one plant near the side of the road.

A nicely windrowed field of alfalfa ready to dry before bailing.

More fields of hay.

 This is their event arena.

Probably rodeo's or other animal events.

Entering Orderville, somehow I expect a great plaque about it's history, but didn't see any.

I saw this great observatory in order ville, how nice.

Dr. Meeks plaque tells of local history.

The other side of this monument.

As I started up the major hill on this route I saw this dirt road below and wondered if it would be a more level road, but the map showed it went the wrong direction.

Part way up I look back at where I had come from.

And where I still have to go.  Now it is a rule of hill climbing that you are not at the peak until there is not the slightest mound of earth on either side of the road.  Even the slightest mound can hide a mountain of climbing still ahead.

The is probably sand from the red sandstone so prodigious in this area.

Still more climbing.

Interesting history of how the land here was surveyed.

I paid for it so now to enjoy the fun ride down hill.

Interesting rock formation, this layer seem to have about a 30 tilt to the layer.

Luetta met me and we arranged lunch.

A cave that I didn't have time to stop for.

Interesting flowers common on the roadside here.

Last part of the downhill into Kanab.

And here I am.

Story of fort Kanab.

Made my goal of covering Utah from Top to Bottom.

Looking back the other way towards Utah.

My goal for tonight was Fredonia Arizona.

I am on Hwy 89 Alternate towards the Grand Canyon.

My bike ride is over, Luetta and I spent the rest of the day driving to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the nonexistent bike lane or even a  small shoulder made it to dangerous to ride.

After we got up on the Kaibab plateau there is a huge tract of burned out forest.

At the Grand Canyon, a place we have never visited before and a goal for our 48th anniversary.

 This is a view from the observation platform just behind the Lodge.

Looking over at the other observation platform.

A picture of the lodge from there.

We were at the Bright Angel Point and will continue on the Transept Trail.

We came across a bench to look at natures wonder and meditate.

Fourth eight year tomorrow on the 19th,  We have spent much more time together that single, and it has been wonderful.

An interesting artifact of an Indian dwelling at the rims edge.  They migrated back and forth between the rim and the desert floor to maximize the growing season.

We had a wonderful Halibut dinner with a great sauce made with Balsamic vinegar and orange thickened to make it cling to every bite.  It was wonderful.  Here is the view from the viewing room next to the restaurant.

Never a bad view.

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