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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 14 Humbug Mtn. to Clifford Kaempf County Park

Today we entered California.  The trip route is here:

Last night we did go to the restaurant on the wharf, "The Dock" in Port Orford.  It turned out to be excellent, using fresh caught fish from their own Port. 

I had fish and chips, made from fresh Red Snapper.

Luetta had a dish called Salmon nuggets, which was fantastic (nothing like chicken McNuggets).  Made from fresh caught Salmon.

All in all one of those hole in the wall places that turns out to be fantastic.

We had a beautiful clear night with a near full moon.

The next morning we had full sunlight at dawn, the first time since we started this trip.  Here I am on the South of Humbug Mountain, which we tried to hike but didn't have enough day light.

This part of Oregon has wonderful coastal scenery with typical sea stack rock formations.

Here are Luetta and I at Lunch along the way.

What a wonderful day.

Monday, July 30, 2012

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Day 13 Coos Bay to Humbug Mountain SP

This was a great day that turned full sun about noon, in typical marine layer fashion.

I made great time with a fast tail wind, sure glad I am going south.

Here is my bike route:
There is a discrepancy of about four miles bewteen Endomundo and my bike computer.  Endomundo has a gap in the readout, so add about 4 miles to get the actual for today.  It appears that when ever I stop my iphone program goes into pause mode and I have to manually restart it, which I did but 4 miles late.

This was a bueatiful trip, mostly inland with lots of wonderful forest land.

The last village before our State Park, was Port Orford.  It is interesting as there are no docks or wharfs.  All boats are put in the water or taken out of the protected port by large cranes.

The boats are stored on their trailer or special made dollys:

Here is where we plan to eat dinner, on this dock.  It served all locally caught sea food, wish us luck.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 12 Beverly Beach SP to Coo's Bay Hotel for Sunday

Here is my miles for today:

Jumping back to yesterday after I sent the blogout, we went to Sea Lions Cave.

Here I am while I was biking by:

Here is inside the cave.

Here is the ledge where they raise their pups during the summer.

Here is a movie, you can hear the roar of the Sea Lions between the wind noise.

We also enjoyed a sunset in the first day of clear sunny weather since we started this trip.

As atested to by this great night sky shot I got that night.

Today we were looking forward to competing the first full week since our sons Louis and Lynn left.

I bike south from Florence and passed what is known as the sand dune and lake country of this part of the Oregon coast.  It is beautiful.

It looks like a high Sierra lake but is just a few miles from the coast.

And here is an example of the massive sand dunes that are encroaching on Hwy. 101.

Here I am getting ready to cross the Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge  into North Bend and just beyond Coos's Bay.   It is a 5,305-foot steel cantilever truss bridge, constructed in 1936. It spans the entrance to Coos Bay, carrying U.S. Hwy. 101.  It was intimidating to cross.  I had to push a botton to start flashing lights indicating a bike was on the bridge and to slow down, no wide shoulder to bike on!

A closer look, I didn't stop to take a picture mid-span.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 11 Beverly Beach SP to Jessie Honeyman SP

Here is my bike route divided into two parts apparently when I stoped to buy Royal Ann Cherries (Yum, Yum), my deviced timed out and needed to be restarted:

Today was a great day the sun came out and shone.  Previous days had been overcast most of the days with only a little blue areas teasing us.

Here I am after crossing one of the great bridges in Oregon that is partially shrouded in fog.

View of great shoreline.

Entering a scenic area.

Of course the highlight of the day was entering Florence where my parents started a Roller Skating rink.  I was less than 3 but I still have memories of it, or at least what I have been told and pictures.  I have been told I roller skated between peoples legs.  My Mom ran the Coffee Cup cafe in the rink.  I wish I knew where it was.  We are going to ask at the library.

Here I am entering.

Luetta was able to bike back to meet me in Florence and we returned to camp together.
Here she is on the bridge at Florence.

And almost to camp.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 10 Cape Lookout SP to Beverly Beach SP Oregon

Both my tracking devices got off today, I got one readout up until the end of the second big hill, here it is:  and I had to reconstruct the rest of the trip:

Left Cape Lookout early:

Had two fairly large hills today of about 800' each.  Here I am entering one hill.

The highlight of the day was entering Depoe Bay.  My Uncle All owned a fishing boat that worked out of Debpoe Bay and as a child I remember going one time.  My memory is of the sharks following the boat to eat the fish insides after they were cleaned.
Here is the overall picture of Depoe Bay.

And here is the amazing narrow entrance into the may marina.  Like threading a needle.

Luetta and I arrived back in Depoe Bay just in time to get on the last whale watching boat of the day, so we have these on board vies of the exit.

Here we are looking back towards Depoe Bay.

Here we are returning after not seeing a single whale, but way enjoying the boat ride out of Depoe bay like I did with my uncle.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 9 From Nahalem to Cape Lookout SP

The bike route map got cut into two parts first to Tillamook Cheese factory:
Then the rest of the way:

This is the natural grass and sand that Nehalem State Park had originally, before it was planted with non-native grass and trees.

Here is what is now been transformed into, as Terry gets ready for his ride.

Luetta and I visited Nehelem back when Weston was our youngest child in 1977.  My aunt allowed our family and my brother Mike and Cindy to stay at their cabin on the Nehelem River.  We had a great time, digging clams and making chowder.

Here is picture of the city entrance sign and main street, almost the only street.

And here is the river.

I passed a lot of towns today:

But we finally ended up in Tillamook, Oregon where we greatly enjoyed visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory:

And of course eating a wonderfull ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, it was wonderful.

After arrving at camp we set up then took a scenic drive passing a beautiful town call Oceanside.

As you can see it was overcast at this time and indeed the whole day, but no rain.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 8 From Fort Stevens SP to Nahalem SP

Here is the route map:

Leaving Fort Stevens State Park, Luetta went to Lums Toyota to have the car checked out (it turned out there were no problems), had scheduled Maintenance and the windshield wipers replaced:

As Luetta was leaving the park she got a photo of the local deer that are in the park:

It was a great day of riding, mostly sunny.  Here are some of the magnificent seascapes we saw:

At one point there was this long tunnel, bicyclists have to push a button to have the warneing lights start to flash and hope those entereing the tunnel pay attention to the sign and you.

Here I am by the cannon that gave Cannon Beach its name:

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