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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 34 Carlsbad South SB to Mexican Border

Here is our cycle milage:

This data is a little biased since we came back on the Metro Trolly and forgot to turn off our electronic GPS devices so the last 4 1/2 miles is on the Metro (aka Tijuana Trolly).

This was a wonderful trip through the parts of San Diego county where we lived for five years.  Many locations evoked great memories.

We passed Encinitas, then Cardiff and the Chart House Resturant where I have had many a wonderful meal.

Here I am at the Solano Beach sign.  We rented a condo their for a few months after moving to San Diego.

Then we passed Del Mar, I remember many a fantastic Scout Fair at the county fairgounds there.  (Never went to the race track).

Here is the view you see going down highway 1 towards Torrey Pines Beach.  This beach was close to my work in Sorrento Valley and closest to our home in Mira Mesa, so we spent many a family outing there.  Great memories including haveing two large fins pass by me while out in the surf that seemed like a very large Killer Whale.

Here the riders pose by the Torrey Pines sign.

Here is a view of the fameous Torey Pines golf course.

We then rode by UCSD on the way to La Jolla.  We took a side trip to La Jolla cove where we have many wonderful memories of swimming in the cove as well as at La Jolla shores.  We spend some money to go down the tunnel in a shell shop to see the cave. 

Here is a view from inside the cave out to Kayaks that can be rented to see this and one of several other caves in the area.

The four riders in the cave.

Here we pass by Mission Bay.  Our younger family had many wonderful outings here.

And over the San Diego River.

When we got to the San Diego Harbor, we saw the city sky line.

I rememer many days coming down to the harbor to the RP cannery to conduct tests on packaging materials and systems.

We continued on, here is a view of the Coronado Bridge and an industrial part of the city.

Then onward through National City, then Chula Vista.

And finally in San Ysidro where the Mexican border.

Here the four of us stand in front of the car entry with the Mexico sign to our left.  I managed to catch a gap in the long lines of people returning to Mexico after a days work in the U.S.A.

And here I put my foot through the border fence to say I had been to Mexico.

Wow, it is hard to believe I did the entire Pacific Coast of America bicycle trek.  It has been very rewarding and fun, with the company of my wonderful wife Luetta and accompanied by all five of my sons, Lynn, Louis, Weston, Jonathan, and Daniel (a week each).  It was a treasure to have Jonathans wife, Danielle, join me for two days.  We loved having their children Dawna, Lawrence, and Naomi (our grandchidren with us for the last week.  You know Grandparents always love to spoil grandchildren.  It was fantastic to have Daniel's wife Karla bike one day and her brother Brian for three days.  Brian expects to complete the Cycling Merit Badge as a result of this, previous rides and a little book work.

I have loved sharing this experience with my many family members (who couldn't come) and many extended family and friends.  Thanks for your interest and love.


  1. Well done! You did it! It looks like you had quite a bit of fun along the way! :)

  2. Looks like you made it! Congratulations, Dad!


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