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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 19 Leggett to MacKerricher State Park

Milage for today:

Today we drove from Fort Bragg with Weston and his biking gear back to Leggett where we drove through the Chandelier Tree before continuing our bike trek.

Here is a picture of Luetta driving through the tree.  Weston and I biking through.

Weston and I had a great day biking, we had a 2000 foot high mountain to go over.  Leggett is about 800 foot, so we had to climb about 1200 feet and then decended almost the full 2000 feet untill we had another smaller hill to go over.  The decent was wonderfully long.

Here is a picture of Weston and I where we came out of the mountains and saw the coast line.

After we arrived back in Fort Bragg we had fun eating blackened rock fish and Barbeeque Brisket at The Q, it was real good.

We then visited Noyo Harbor and watched the fishing boats coming in for the day.

Going back to camp we saw these very colorful flowers, anyone know what they are?

All in all a great day.  Hope everyone's day was great.


  1. No idea what the flower is. What a climb. Have a great week.

  2. I bet it sure felt great to be going down that nice long hill after the 1200 foot climb. Great pictures! Ride safe.


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