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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 15 Kaemph Park to Elk Prarie Creek California SP

Here is my bike milage today in two parts: first,

This was a great day, we left Clifford Kaemph Park (not the best kept park), but its redeaming feature is that it directly overlooks the ocean. 

I had two 1000 ft hills to climb today.  Not real hard, mainly fun.  Here I am at the base of the first.

Going up was two lanes and no problem,  I was under the marine layer near camp, here I am entering the fog (marine layer), and near the top I was out of the fog for a little while.  The fun part was going down.  The CA DOT was doing highway repair and they had the rod blocked in two places.  This worked out to my advantage.  They would hold back the cars and my bike till the one way traffic became our turn.  They would lets the cars go first and I followed.  They would hold up traffic while the North bound traffic went.  This left me free to take the screaming descent unhindered by traffic, so I could take up the whole lane and go as fast as possible.  It was a scream.

Here is picture at the top while waiting, you can see the sunlight filtering in:
And here I am at the bottom.

I was pretty happy with the "Share the road signs" placed every so often.

I crossed the Klamath river, on the bridge with the golden bears.

I have many wonderful memories of Scout Kayak trips ending here and just up river at Klamath Glen and other places.
Here is the turn off to our camp ground:

On entering the camp site we had a herd of male Roosevelt Elks near our site.  Here is one.

After we set up camp we decided to ride to the Mystic Redwoods site.  You ride a gondola to the top of a mountain through the redwood etc. canopy.  It was fantastic.  Here is the front of this site with their gigantic talking Paul Bunyon and and his blue Blue Ox.

Here are some views of and from the gondola.

We also visted several sites in the Elk Prarie Creek State Park (coastal redwoods).

Here is what they call the .....

We also visited the "corkscrew" tree for obvious reason, very weird.

All in all a fantastic day including another 50+ miles into California.

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