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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 24 Half Moon Bay SP to Jon's house in Newark CA

We chose to spend the week-end with Jon and Danielle in Newark, CA.  I will continue the trip at the equivalent place I would have ended had I continued on Hwy 1.  Here is our route today:

The fun part of today's ride was the transversal of the coastal range of mountains from the coast to the Peninsula. Our camp was very wet in the morning and the fog got us wet as we bike along Hwy 1, but soon after we turned inward on La Honda road we soon lost the fog and enjoyed sunny weather for going over the hills.  Jon, wanted to join us so he rode from his home and took the Old La Honda road a much higher set of hills but very lightly traveled.  Here we are near the top of this road with the coastal fog visible in the distance.

I shot this short movie clip of my three sons, Lynn, Weston, and Jonathan biking up this climb.

Here Weston and I are riding up and up and up.

And Weston and Jon.

After this strenuous ride we had a very satisfying lunch at Chipotle.

It was a joy to see our grandchildren at the rides end.  The end of another great week.

This is week 4 with a total of 1224 miles so far, what a fantastic trek.

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