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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 29 Pisma Beach Oceana SP to Gaviota Beach SP

Here is my milage:

This is the first time I have biked this far south.  The route through Lompoc was hot, dry and long.
Last night we did a little more at Pisma Oceano beach.  Here is another try at an awesome sunset, good but not awesome.

Pisma Beach is funny in that they allow vehicles, for a fee, to drive on the beach.  Here is a typical movie.

I also figured out how to get constellations to show up. I used a shorter exposure time of 15 or 20 seconds and here is Saggitarius, the tea-pot.

Now to todays ride, here I am looking back to Pismo/Oceano.

After going through Guadalupe, I left Hwy 1 for a short while on 135 and up Harris Grade.  That was a fun climb and descent.  Here are pictures looking back while I ascended.

The descent to Lompoc was screaming, but I finally got there.

The rest of the ride to Gaviota State Beach was a dry, hot slog.  I was glad when I got there and saw Luetta.

This is a very interesting beach.  It has a train tressel as below.

This Tressel was built in 1900 and is a key railway addition to allow travel to San Francisco and points beyond.

It also has a pier, where many people enjoy fishing and they can launch small boats via  a crane.  In this photo one of the pesky pelicans attacked Luetta when she got to close.  They have been fed left over bait for so long I'm not sure they can fish for themselves anymore.

Here is a close-up.
The highlight of the night was when Jon, Danielle and our grandkids (Dawna, Lawrence, and Naomi) showed up.  We enjoyed showing them around.
As you can see they had dinner at a place that offers pirate hats etc.

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