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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 33 Newport Dunes RV to Carlsbad South SB

Here is our cycling route:
This was a fun ride with Jon, and Daniel.
This was  fast day and not many pictures.  Not sure why it was a fast day.
Here we are starting.  The riding crew are wearing or holding helmets.

A overcast day, but beautiful none the less.

Going through one of the fantastic coastal cities of Southern California.

A fantastic beach.

Keep on peddling.

We pass a group called the Mira Mesa Mauraders.  We lived in Mira Mesa, a community of San Diego for five years.

We had to traverse Camp Pendelton, a Marine Base on the Coast.  We had to pass military security check point.  They asked for identification.  Jon and I had our Driver Liciences, But Daniel had chose not to carry it today, but he did have a credit card with Karla's picture on it.  We were allowed to pass, as long as we didn't lose track of Daniel so he would get out OK.  Well here he is at the exit to the  Camp so we fulfilled the request.

The highlight of the day for Luetta was to go with Danielle, Karla, Brian and Grandkids.  It is apparent they had a lot of fun from these photos.

I understand Lawrence was very facinated by this display.

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