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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Tuesday Tour along viewing sites on the Cape Royal Road on the Kaibab Plateau

September 19th was our 48th anniversary, so we enjoyed the whole day together seeing the wonders of the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Entering the park.

Today we drove on the Cape Royal Road which allow scenic view so the canyon other that those from the Lodge area.  It is a narrow windy road but well worth it.

Here we are at the first stop called Point Imperial, 8,803 feet elevation.

I took several telephoto pictures.

This is called Mount Hayden.  How in the world did that dark rock get on top?

and other views.

This is called boundary Ridge.

It is hard to see but a helicopter tour flew though this canyon.

We are now at Walhalla overlook.  Here is the Colorado River with the delta that native american use to live and grow crops on during the winter.

There is a dry stream bed from the cliffs to the river bend that is believed to be a path the native Americans took to migrate from the river delta to the North rim, however no one is sure how they got up the cliffs.

Other features.

I think this is Ponderosa Pine.

Here we are with the Colorado River in the background behind Luetta, and the dry stream bed between us.

Here is a sequence of photos showing the dry steam bed.

and the way up,not.

Now we are at Angel;s Window.  The hole through the rock is the angel's window.

And here is a close up.

The top of Angel's Window is Cape Royal observation point as revealed in this close up.

and further back.

Yet another close up view.

Getting close to Cape Royal. Cape Royal is the southernmost viewpoint on the North Rim, and it has the widest panorama of any Grand Canyon overlook - the great gorge occupies about 270° of the horizon.

A close up of ????

There is a nature walk on the way to Cape Royal.

Here is a view of the Colorado which includes the same delta seen earlier and more river upstream.

Looking further away my close up spies another window in the rocks, apparently with a rock wedged in the bottom.

On top of Cape Royal.

Looking back to the narrow passage on to Cape Royal.

And looking directly down from either side of that narrow passage with a part of the railing in the photo for scale.

Looking back to the Cape over the narrow passage.

This bush is called fern bush for obvious reason.

Views from the second view point on Cape Royal.

That straight horizon is the south rim.

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