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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 9 From Nahalem to Cape Lookout SP

The bike route map got cut into two parts first to Tillamook Cheese factory:
Then the rest of the way:

This is the natural grass and sand that Nehalem State Park had originally, before it was planted with non-native grass and trees.

Here is what is now been transformed into, as Terry gets ready for his ride.

Luetta and I visited Nehelem back when Weston was our youngest child in 1977.  My aunt allowed our family and my brother Mike and Cindy to stay at their cabin on the Nehelem River.  We had a great time, digging clams and making chowder.

Here is picture of the city entrance sign and main street, almost the only street.

And here is the river.

I passed a lot of towns today:

But we finally ended up in Tillamook, Oregon where we greatly enjoyed visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory:

And of course eating a wonderfull ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, it was wonderful.

After arrving at camp we set up then took a scenic drive passing a beautiful town call Oceanside.

As you can see it was overcast at this time and indeed the whole day, but no rain.

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  1. ahhhhh... I LOVE the tillamook cheese factory! yum! DId you get the amazing ice cream, too?


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