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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 4 Kalaloch to Willaby on Lake Quinault

Here is the bike map:

Roads in Washington often have a very rough surface as below:

It is much easier to peddle when the bike shoulder is like this:

Here we are with our first peak of Lake Quinault:

After setting up camp we went touring, here we are a Maple Glade Rain Forest Trail:

In this unusual area Maple tree's grow.  Here is a photo of the moss hanging off the trees.

In a rain forest plants grow on living and dead plants, often ou will see ferns growing in the tops of trees.  If a tree falls it forms what is known as nurse log and multitudes of other plants grow on it including other trees.  When the log finally rots away the trees that grew on it will look like they are on stilts.

We also visited The Large Cedar Tree:

That night we had a wonderful meal at the Quinault Lodge in the Roosevelt Room:

A great day with a high of 88F by Quinault is concluded by a wonderful sunset:

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  1. Hey those orange raspberry like things we saw are salmonberries and edible, but not a good as blackberries or raspberries.


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