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Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 7 Bay Cente, Washington to Fort Stevens, Oregon

Sunday Luetta and I drived back to Bay Center.  That evening I was able to catch this view of Ursa Major over our KOA cabin.

The night sky was clear, and this 30 second exposure using Lynn's tripod that he kindly left us, turned out to be a good predictor of good weather (no rain on me while riding) the next day.  The dipper in the non-pouring position correlates with seasons of less rain.

Here is the ride map for this day:

On the way down to Oregon, I took this photo of me on the Lewis and Clark Trail.

I was unsure about crossing the Astoria-Metzer bridge, but there was work in progress and the workers were helpful in expaining it so I crossed all 4.1 miles of this bridge that ends with this virtual mountain of a bridge on the Astoria, Oregon side.

I Finally arrive at Fort Stevens State Park.

After arriving at camp I found a sad situation for Luetta, our car had jumped the parking block and the car frame was sitting on it.  Some very helpful Park Rangers used old picnic bench lumber and a jack to help us build a ramp and back the car off the block.  We were very happy.

We do a wish of mine to visit the Louis and Clark end point at Fort Clatsop.

All in all a wonderfull day and bike ride.  Even though it was cloudy in Washington and even rained some in the morning at the Bay Center KOA, I never got a drop of rain on me and it was wonderfully sunny in Oregon.

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