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Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 11 Beverly Beach SP to Jessie Honeyman SP

Here is my bike route divided into two parts apparently when I stoped to buy Royal Ann Cherries (Yum, Yum), my deviced timed out and needed to be restarted:

Today was a great day the sun came out and shone.  Previous days had been overcast most of the days with only a little blue areas teasing us.

Here I am after crossing one of the great bridges in Oregon that is partially shrouded in fog.

View of great shoreline.

Entering a scenic area.

Of course the highlight of the day was entering Florence where my parents started a Roller Skating rink.  I was less than 3 but I still have memories of it, or at least what I have been told and pictures.  I have been told I roller skated between peoples legs.  My Mom ran the Coffee Cup cafe in the rink.  I wish I knew where it was.  We are going to ask at the library.

Here I am entering.

Luetta was able to bike back to meet me in Florence and we returned to camp together.
Here she is on the bridge at Florence.

And almost to camp.

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