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Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 6 Twin Harbors to Bay City

Louis, Lynn, Luetta, and I decided to keep with the coastal, er, around Wilappa Bay route and not go inland to be closer to SeaTac Airport for Lynn and Louis to leave from since it only added an extra 1/2 hour to our day.  Here is the map:

The rain of yesterday continued to day, only somewhat abaited.  We decided to get started early and had a small breakfast which proved a problem for Terry, with no fuel in the tank it started to wear me down towards the end of the ride.

Here we are on the North side of Wilapa Bay:

This Bay if fameous for it clams and we saw three clam diggers here also.

At the end of the bay we entered the city of Raymond, which has many sheet metal cut out art.

Here is a photo of Louis riding in the wet conditions:

Which may have let to Louis crashing to the pavement with this resultant injury. 

We finally arrive at Bay Center KOA

We drove back to Kent Washington to be ready to put Lynn and Louis on planes back to their homes.
But first we met Keith and Jane at Salty's, a great seafood restaurant on the Sounds.  It was a wonderful time.  Thanks, Keith and Jane.

We had to dry out our wet tents to keep them from molding, at the Holiday Inn.

On Sunday we had to sadly say good-bye to Louis and Lynn.  It has been a wonderful experience with them and we loved the company and family love.  We are an Eternal Family, I know it.

Lets do other adventures!!!!!!!

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  1. What a wonderful adventure. :) Wish I could have gone farther. Ride safe.


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