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Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 5 Willaby Campground on Lake Quinault to Twin Harbors State Park

The bike route for this longer ride since the ferry between Ocean Shores and Westport is no longer opperating:

Also Louis got his wish today, to have the whole Washington experience including Washington sunshine, er rain all day while biking.

Here we are exiting the South shore drive where our camp was:

Here is Lynns second flat tire of the day in the rain.  Notice how much Louis is liking the rain.  Lynn had gone through both of his spare tubes and we were in the process of trying to patch one, in the rain, no an easy operation, when Luetta was inspired to come back and find us.  We were very happy to see her.  The extra tubes in the car and the large bike pump made the fix easier.

Lynns bike rear tire had developed a circumferential crack on the rolling surface which started causing it to bulge at that point and cause his bike to bump up and down on the bulge.  It was necessary to stop at a bike shop in Hoquium/Aberdeen and get a new tube.  They also found the hub needed to be repacked due to grit that had got in.  We suspect his mountain bike ride on the north of Cresenct lake may be the cause. 

We did enjoy the ride today and despite the rain and other challenges not a sour word was spoke, we were just happy to be together on this grand adventure complete with washington sunshine.

Luetta saved the day again when we arrived in camp after a special extra scenic tour of downtown Westport we found she had put all our tents up for us. Thanks!

To put a great end to a great day, we went out to a pizza place for dinner and enjoyed the warmth and friendship while reviewing the events of the day.


  1. Inspiration with such an adventure is essential and tells much about you all. Wow! Thanks for blogging this odyssey! Thinking of you all with love. So happy to be family!


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