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Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 13 Coos Bay to Humbug Mountain SP

This was a great day that turned full sun about noon, in typical marine layer fashion.

I made great time with a fast tail wind, sure glad I am going south.

Here is my bike route:
There is a discrepancy of about four miles bewteen Endomundo and my bike computer.  Endomundo has a gap in the readout, so add about 4 miles to get the actual for today.  It appears that when ever I stop my iphone program goes into pause mode and I have to manually restart it, which I did but 4 miles late.

This was a bueatiful trip, mostly inland with lots of wonderful forest land.

The last village before our State Park, was Port Orford.  It is interesting as there are no docks or wharfs.  All boats are put in the water or taken out of the protected port by large cranes.

The boats are stored on their trailer or special made dollys:

Here is where we plan to eat dinner, on this dock.  It served all locally caught sea food, wish us luck.

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