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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 78 July 28 - August 3, 2014

This week we spent a lot of time finishing the furnishing of the new sister missionary apartment in Beppu. it was very rainy on the way to Beppu.  This rain is was from typhoon #12, which hit the Korean peninsula but Japan got some of the weather.  Typhoon #11 is following right behind and is predicted to have a direct hit on Kyushu island were we live.  Sadly it is arriving about the same time the our son Weston arrives in Fukuoka from Tokyo and we pick him up at the airport.  Hopefully it weakens a lot since it is classified as a "severe" typhoon.

 We stayed in a nearby town, Oita and a tanabata festival was being held right outside our hotel.  Here is the banner above the street.

This festival has very interesting Chikirin bayashi floats on parade.  Here are some of them.

We ate dinner at some of the outdoor vendors and enjoyed the relatively cool evening due to the rain.

Here we are in out hotel, I'm using a spreadsheet to calculate what we have spend on the apartment.  We keep within the rather tight budget we were give, with the help of some great prices at a recycle shop in Beppu.

On the way back we went through the mountains and always enjoy the beautiful scenery.  Here is a view into a beautiful valley and city of Yufuin.

As we were about to get on the toll way, we have passed these interesting statues many times but finally stopped to take pictures.

All in all a very busy but productive week supporting the increased number of missionaries in our mission.  

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  1. What a privilege to be able to support the increase of missionaries in the mission field.


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