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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 77 July 21 - 27, 2014

 Amazingly we are observing our second rice growing season here in Japan.  Here is the rice near Kumamoto.  In general the rice fields are more developed in the mountains.  The best guess is that the fields are planted later in the season in the lowlands since a previous crop of other grain etc. is harvested first.  Whereas the mountains can't sustain the earlier crop which allows for earlier planting of rice.

Here is a rice field in Aso, somewhat in the mountains.  The rice is taller and thicker, although it is hard to tell from the angle in this photo.

With the reduction in missionary minimum age we are involved in the largest build up in missionaries.  Consequently we are opening new missionary apartments frequently.  Here are typical items we buy to furnish the apartments.

First sleeping futons.  Traditionally Japanese sleep directly on the floor or Tatami mat floor.

Fundamental needs, include a refrigerator and laundry washer.  I don't have any pictures of typical ones.

Typical stove in a Japanese apartment is a gas two burner (almost like a large Coleman camp stove).  The drawer in the front is a small broiler, typically for fish, but I've cooked steak in it as well.

A microwave is typical equipment, normally Japanese microwave oven can also do convection baking also.

We also buy a toaster oven, which if you buy the right one you can do convection baking as well as toasting.

A rice cooker is basic to all Japanese cuisine.

All missionaries need an iron.

Desks and chairs are basic for study needs:

The computer screen is just for display, missionaries don't get computers yet.

We try to buy items as much as possible from recycle stores, which are prevalent.  Here are some really good buys on dresser drawers.

Here is a good appliance stand at the recycle store.  A good deal at 10,800 yen.

Who would have thought we would be called on a mission to go shopping, but we are happy to be part of this unprecedented increase in missionaries and help them have the apartments they need to live in and serve from.

On our trips this week we came across a logging truck, which are found in the mountains.  They log "Sugi" trees which are Japanese cedar, but the logs are tall and straight.

Also we saw this wagon ride in one of the mountain cities.

We finished off the week by serving in the Fukuoka temple, it was wonderful.

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