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Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 76 July 14 - 20, 2014

It has been a standard week for us, with
Monday - Preparation day,
Tuesday - YMCA Japanese class in the afternoon and Hospital English class in the evening,
Wednesday - International Center Japanese class and English Class in the afternoon and English class at the church in the evening
Thursday - Apartment Inspection including a lunch for the missionaries.
Friday - Apartment Inspection including a lunch for the missionaries.
Saturday - this was different from normal with a church open house in the evening.  We had invited about 8 people, but none came.  Our friend, had invited a coworker and we enjoyed talking to her, and helping her two children feel included during the dinner following the presentations.  It was very enjoyable.
Sunday - Meetings between two wards.

It keeps us busy, especially with the long bike ride to downtown on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Next week we go to Beppu and Oita for inspections,  this week or next we will be furnishing a new apartment in Beppu to hold 4 sister missionaries (3 will enter this transfer).  Only a short while ago this city had no missionaries, but after the 4 sisters they will have 8 total.  This is all part of the wave of missionary numbers, and excitement caused the the lowering of the missionary ages.

Here are a couple of skyscapes from our balcony.

At church our friend had to take the bus due to very heavy rain fall (the forecast was no rain), when she got to church this was the scene of the church building and almost totally blue sky.  Amazing.

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