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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 75 July 7 - 13, 2014

This week was marked by the wonderful miracle of our fifteenth grandchild who is our sixth grandson.  Tada... Joseph Benjamin Koberstein born July 6th very early in the morning.  Oh ya the other two people in the photo are his parents Daniel and Karla Koberstein.

My 66th birthday was on Wednesday the ninth.  It was a very busy day but at evening English class I was surprised with a happy birthday song.

We also had a typhoon come this week, it is very early was was very strong out on the ocean, but weakened to very mild storm by the time it got to Kumamoto.  That was a blessing, even though many missionaries were looking forward to their first big one.  In preparation for the typhoon many people took precautions, we moved our bicycles and garden inside.  The bicycles are in our extra room, used as a bedroom for visitors, see the futon in the large plastic case.

Here is Luetta by her tree size cherry tomato plant.

I am hard at work on the computer beside the garden.

This is the watermellon plant.

The plant in the center is a zucchini plant but got mold on the leaves and had to be tossed.

Luetta made some delicious Hiroshima style Okonomoyaki.  Here they are cooking, note the Hiroshima style has the noodles on the bottom.

Here is mine with Okonomoyaki sauce on it.

Luetta's has the sauce and fish flakes.

After the typhoon was gone we had an awesome sunset.

We are slowly picking up a few of the Konji character's that we see all around us.  Here is a sign at a nearby shrine.

It seems to a dryer rainy season than last year and we have been wondering when the Cicada's would come again.  They just started with their very loud buzzing in tree at our jogging track this week.  We also found one on our entry balcony.  They are big, over an inch in length.

On Sunday I got a second birthday wish during Ward Missionary Coordination meeting.  A wonderful friend, Akemi, made me two cakes.

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