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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Week 72 June 16 - 22, 2014

This week was clearly the rainy season, lots of rain.

Tuesday we went to the YMCA Japanese class.  It was so rainy we decided to drive and walk over from the church.

Wednesday morning was very rainy but we decided to run drive over to the track and run in the rain, it was fun but we got quite wet.

This is the drainage stream that goes by our apartment and the running track, it is very full due to the rain.

This is the track and were we parked the car.

That afternoon we went to our Japanese class we take and English class we teach at the international center.  It was not as rainy and we took a chance on biking but still got very wet.

Thursday was transfers again and we got to move missionaries to and from the local bus stop with their luggage.  As always a very busy day, we had two elders and one sister transferred in our local wards with their replacements coming in the afternoon.  This transfer there were two new Japanese couples in Ishigaki and Naha islands near Okinawa.  They will be such a blessing to the missionary work there.

Friday we went to the local Red Cross hospital to measure  our blood pressures and saw our first tannabata tree for that upcoming holiday.

Saturday we were notified that the the downtown sisters apartment was closed and they were moved into a new one.  We helped for 6 hours along with local members to get everything moved.  You wouldn't think a  missionary apartment would have so much stuff, but it does.

Saturday Evening and Sunday were Stake Conference which was a satellite broadcast from Utah to all units in all of Japan.  It was very inspiring to receive the council and teaching from Elder D. Todd Christofferson among others.

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  1. My cleaning lady told me that summer is the rainy season for China. That's different than California. Looks like Japan has their rainy season then too. I don't mind the rain though, it cools things off and cleans things up. :)


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