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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 70 June 2 - 8, 2014

Not many pictures this week.  On preparation day two sisters from the Shimizu ward came over and taught Luetta how to make a couple of Japanese foods.  We had taken them to the temple and Costco the week before and they wanted to do something nice for us in return.

Here is the Onigi before

the seaweed wrap.  You can put what ever you want inside, these have a tuna mixture.  They are great for picnic's and hiking we are told.

She also learned how to make Yaku Soba and Hiroshima style okonomoyaki.

On Wednesday we went to the International Center for Japanese class and to teach English.  It was raining hard.  We wore our rain gear to and from.  I think I was only slightly drying inside the gear, even with the expensive gortex that we got.  I think rainy season may have started.

Wednesday we inspected the Kumamoto/Nagamine Elders and Sisters.  Both got Celestial ratings so we took the Sisters to Gull Grey on Thursday and we got Chicken Katsu.

Friday we inspected Yatsushiro and with their Celestial rating, they chose Okonomoyaki.  I had Hiroshima style (which has a layer of Yaku Sobu noodles in it).

You should have seen the fish flakes on top of the hot okonomoyaki, they wiggled like they were alive.

We found it interesting to pass a bus that was tsubame, meaning swallow (the bird).

We took the Kumamoto/Nagamine Elders to Yaku Niku on Saturday since the Zone leaders were out on Junkai, Thursday.  The restaurant is called sutamina (すたみな in hirogana) can you see the name on this picture of the building?  It is all you can eat for 90 minutes, so you can understand it takes a lot of stamina to eat at sutamina.

Well obviously I am looking forward to Monday to start running, after all this.

It is interesting they have started the final sixth building on the very small lot outside our balcony.

On Sunday we had an Investigator over with the Sister missionaries and a ward member.  We had lots of food, we provided burritos and all other brought more food.  More weight loss opportunities.  Here is the burrito bar.

Good thing tomorrow morning is 5K time.

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  1. I think rewarding a "celestial" rating is a pretty sneaky way to get to eat a lot of great food. ;)


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