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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 69 May 26 - June 1, 2014

Preparation day was not very active, other than a 5K run in the morning.  My wife has started here garden on the balcony.  First is Zucchini,

and watermelon

and two wonderful looking tomato plants.  Yum, Yum.

While the sisters were using our computers to e-mail we went shopping and I was successful find two shirts.  One is a Kumamoto local Soccer team shirt, the red one.

The other is a light yellow jersey that has good wicking for running during the upcoming hot, humid Kumamoto Summer.  I also found a light, wicking adidas hat to protect my head from the intense UV rays.

On Tuesday we started our YMCA Japanese classes after a two week break for Holidays.  Here is a photo of the inside of it.

Wednesday was very busy with early morning 5K run, trip to the hospital for regular check up.  We had got a call from Sr. Gustafson, the Mission Presidents wife, asking us to accompany an elder to another hospital to have some tests done.  In order to get this done I had to take the car, but Luetta wanted to bike, which she did successfully using our bike garmin GPS.   I had to leave a little early to pick up the elders and get to his appointment on time.  Then we bike to our Japanese class and English Class at the International Center downtown, finishing up with English class that night.

Thursday was a long car ride to Nobeoka to inspect the Elders apartment.  Here is their apartment.  It is an upstairs apartment and the stairs going up is narrow and long.

We got it done a bought a few items for them and ate Chicken nanban (a speciality of Nobeoka).  Here is the restaurant we at at.

The spicy sauce was great.  Here is a picture of us after eating, compete with my Cheshire grin of happiness.

We had planned on staying overnight in a hotel, but canceled as we had to get back for a return appointment for the Elder, mentioned above, on Friday morning.  Maybe another time, we here they have beautiful beaches there.

On the trip to and from Nobeoka we took a few photos of the first rice planting fields we have seen this year.  In these pictures you can see the regularly spaced rice seedlings in the water filled fields.

Here is the very small planter that they use in these small fields.  You can see the green seedlings where he has planted and the clear water that he has yet to plant.  The seedlings are grown in large mats then put in the planter hopper.

Saturday was fun, taking two sister missionaries a long distance to an investigators house to give here a surprise birthday cake.  It smelled yummy all the way there, the memory is especially strong as I wright on this Fast Sunday.

That evening we had a Hawaiian Party in the Nagamine ward.  It was a lot of fun, with great food and fun entertainment.  We were given flowers to put behind out ears, if it in your left ear you are taken, sorry.  Luetta also go a hand made lei.

There was traditional Hula dancing, tongan haka dance and instruction.  Ukele singing and much more.  It was very fun and a lot of English class students and investigators came and enjoyed the festivities.

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  1. HEre in CHina we can't find seeds easily. I'm jealous of Luetta's gardening! I can't remember how long you have been out. Has it been just one year, or two already?


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