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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 64 April 21 - 27, 2014

Preparation day included another attempt to climb Tatsudayama Ryokuchi Park, a hill on the other side of the Shirakawa river, where the Kumamoto Ward will have a picnic on this coming Tuesday.  The final approach to the top was blocked by a gate.

However at the base of the hill was the Tatsuda Nature Park, so we took a look at that first.

It is always interesting to see all the things made out of bamboo.

This nature preserve is in a beautiful bamboo grove.

Here are the graves talked about on the entry sign.

This is a very mosey area and it covers everything.

I believe this is the shrine area.

Want a drink out of the community cup?

These are bamboo shoots, according to some u-tube videos I watched these seem too large to harvest form making bamboo shoots to eat.

They are all over.

A very mosey trail.

Even the rocks were covered.

After this we continued up the hill and near the area we were gated out we saw this huge azalea bush.

I mean really huge.

With beautiful flowers.

We continue to see carp/koi flags all over town.

Luetta and I continue our training program entitled "Couch" I assume they mean the potato style to 5K running program.  Here I am on a 22 minute straight run.  No real problem yet.

On Saturday we went to the Fukuoka Temple and enjoyed serving there.  Afterwards we went to Costco for our replenishment of American foods.  This time we tried a non-american dragon fruit.

We tried it out and it is rather bland, I think we will try the ideas on the package of putting it in a salad.

On Sunday we enjoy attending most of two wards and one missionary coordination meeting.  During the Nagamine Ward meeting I was given an assignment to talk in Sacrament meeting about tithing on the 18th.  That will be fun.

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