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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 63 April 14 - 20, 2014

Spring is here and many days are beautiful.  Last preparation day we bike up a nearby hill called Tatsudayama Ryokuchi Park.  The Kumamoto ward will have a picnic here on the 29th (a national holiday in Japan, the previous emperors birthday.

It was a very pleasant day for a bike ride.  Notice the car coming in the mirror.  These mirrors are key to avoiding accidents on the many blind intersections in Japan.

On the hill side there was a cemetery.  Many cemetery's in Japan are on hills.

I started down an apparent hiking trail, but some official looking men came by and told me Dame (which isn't a swear word, but means don't do it) so I complied.  We never made it the top from this side of the hill, apparently you can only do so on the hiking trails, which my cycling garmin said we could ride on, Oh well.

So we headed home.

Passing the Shirakawa river.

There are many beautiful blooming azaleas in Kumamoto now.

Also there are still some blooming tree varieties.

On our inspection trip to Nobeoka, we passed many Koi (carp) flags.  These are for Kodomotachi (children's) day on May 5th and are flown throughout April.  We understand that there is one fish for each son (some sources indicate daughters and parents are included).

Some time ago I was fascinated with these flags and bought a small set, them Mom became very motivated and collected a complete Koberstein Family set including parents and sons and daughters.  Can you pick your self out of the group.

Sunday was Easter and we enjoyed two Easter services (one in each of the Nagamine and Kumamoto Wards).

Click on the link below for our Easter Wish for you.

May you have a most joyous Easter celebration. We did here in Japan before America.

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