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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 35: September 30 - October 6, 2013, Serving in Kumamoto Japan

Monday as always is a joyous time to Skype children and grandchildren.  We love all family members calls, please keep us in your heart and homes via Skype.  We love you all so much.

Outside of our wonderful 8th floor balcony we are seeing a work crew removing the gravel in the gravel parking lot where taxi's park during off hours.  Note the red hue on the building walls.

At the end of the day we enjoyed a beautiful sunset from this same balcony.  This photo was taken with the flash forced on, which always greatly enhances the brightness of the sky.

On Wednesday at the International Center, I enjoyed taking a photo of the Konji for Bicycle Parking Lot.

The International Center was decorated for Halloween.  However, even though the church here often has Halloween parties, we have talked to many Japanese and found that few of them have ever attended such a party or worn a Halloween costume.

We went grocery shopping at our favorite high value grocery store, みじゃはら

This is a typical sack of potatoes and the price in the back ground of 150 yen, converts to about $1.50.  They are quite expensive as are many fresh fruits and vegetables.

On Thursday we made our fourth visit to Nagasaki to inspect the missionary apartments there and in nearby Isahaya.  The Missionaries there have increased from 8 last inspection to 10, and increase of 25%.  We are surely helping with the awesome missionary wave started one year ago.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with the Nagasaki missionaries of Nan (fried bread) and Curry.  It was wonderful.

After our inspections, lunch, and buying needed items for the apartment(s).  We checked into our hotel and tried to get to the Atomic Bomb Museum, but go there to late.  We did enjoy walking through ground zero park, thinking deeply about the great tragedy of war and need for peace in this world and great upheaval.  We walked to the observation platform and saw this photo of the desolation of that day.

Then we turned heavenward and viewed a most spectacular sunset during this beautiful cooling autumn evening.  We thank God for the opportunity to be in Japan serving wonderful Japanese people who appreciate us and love us.  We return the same feeling to them.  This is a miracle.

Well, on return on Saturday the work outside our balcony in progressing well.

On Saturday, we enjoyed teaching English to our special students that love to learn more about the English Language.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to visit the small, but wonderful Yatsushiro branch.  Luetta bore her testimony on this Fast and Testimony meeting in Japanese.  I was so excited with how well she spoke the language.   We then went on to the even more distant member and have a wonderful visit and lesson.  It was a great Sunday.

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