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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 19 - June 10-16, 2013 Japan Fukuoka Mission

Last Preparation day, Monday June 10th was a fun day.  We decided to bike to the sports complex where we will be attending a soccer game next week end.

We went by this police station (Koban in Japanese).  I took this picture only because the name looks so much like Kobin.

Interesting scare crow on a garden we passed.  Looks like an inflatable bird like thing on a string on a stick.  I wonder if it really works.  We noticed they had a whole row of peanuts, we will have to check them out again and see if ours mature at the same time.

Interesting sculpture by the Soccer stadium.

This sport complex has lots of great fields for Tennis, running, baseball as well as the two large building for soccer and and indoor swimming dome.

Here is the blue running track that surrounds the soccer stadium.

On the way back took pictures of these fields, note the tracker in the flooded field, apparently cultivating rice.

Tuesday we took a bike trip to the local post office, which is also has a Post Bank ATM machine.  We can receive packages through this post office, if the home delivery fails.

We also went to the 100 yen store (think dollar store) and mom saw this nest in the roof eves of birds with their young ones nearly ready to leave the nest.

On Wednesday we went to the International Center for our English class we teach and the Japanese class we take.  On the bike trip there Mom had a car come out from a side street, stop, then start up again.  This surprised her and made her front brake to much and nearly fall on the sidewalk.  She caught herself but in the process must have twisted her knee.  At the time it didn't seem to be any problem, but after three hours at the classes, she was in pain and limped badly to get to our bikes to go home.  She toughed it out and we finally made it back, but we feared how bad it might be.  She asked for a Priesthood blessing, so I called the Elders and they came over and help me administer the blessing.  The blessing indicated she would be OK and be able to finish our mission.  We were still fearful of how bad it might be and decided to wait till morning to see how it felt and if worse determine if we should see a doctor.  To our surprise, despite our faith in the blessing, she felt much better the next day and has gotten progressively better each day.  Even the swelling is nearly gone and she is getting around with a knee brace as good as before.   We regard it as a miracle, she is even talking about biking again, after a sufficient recovery time.  We will use very conservative judgement on that.

As you might suspect you seldom take pictures at such a trying time.

On Friday, I found three small American flags in the back room and we decided to display them as a recognition of flag day, a little early due to the international date line.

After many cloudy days the sky cleared up some and I got this photo of Venus.  The compression algorithm's used by Blogger makes it look fuzzy.  Oh well, I tried.

Here is a poor dip of the big dipper through clouds that were not apparent until the time lapse photography.

And the cloud filtered moon.

I sure miss my telescope at home.

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  1. Is it as hot where you are as it is where we are? It was over 100 yesterday with about 60% humidity. Luckily, we will be in the States during the hottest part of the summer.


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