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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week 18 - June 3 -9 2013 Japan Fukuoka Mission

Monday was a regular day since preparation day is moved to tuesday on every transfer week.  However, one of the sisters in our zone had training at the mission zone to be called as a sister trainer (sister equivalent of a zone leader).  Consequently her companion asked to stay at our apartment during study time since she could not be alone as a missionary.  As a result of that we were unable to open our Skype to talk to family.  We really missed talking to them.  We took a stort bike ride to a dinner with our ward mission leader and family.  It was lots of fun especially coming back on back roads led by the elders who bike fast and furiously.  Due to recent rain it was very clear and the mountains just to the south of us were very clear.  This photo doesn't do it justice.

Here is our apartment building, we are in the top apartment on the far left.

An the apartment just below us are drying there cloths in the normal Japanese apartment style by handing them outside on the balcony.  If you look closely at our apartment you will see Luetta's garden.

  On Tuesday, preparation day, we were able to put in a long bike ride (at lease for us as missionaries with 7 speed bikes) of 18 miles.  We tried to make it to the Astonomical observation location east of town but didn't quite make it before it was to late, and storm clouds were threatening.  Here is a typical stream bed in the city (probably better called a water diversion channel).  The monsoon season is about upon us, it will be interesting to see if it fills up, stay tuned.

This is a rice field after the flood irrigation has been drained.

Here is a Heron.

And in a garden area near the river (with it's birds) there were numerous scare crow's, one of which is shown here.

Our bike ride got a little late and as this picture shows rain was threatening.

In fact we got pretty wet before we made it home.  We were both happy when we made it home that night.

Wednesday back to the International Center for both teaching English and learning Nihongo (Japanese).  We typically park our bikes in a parking lot by the City Hall and walk along the river with the castle long wall on the other side to the International Center.  Here are two photos of this parking lot.  It costs 100 yet per bike if you are there over two hours.

On Thursday we visited an investigator and gave here a reading assignment and home work.  We feel she knows the gospel is true and has felt the spirit testify to her, but may have not recognized it.  We believe she will be blessed to read the scriptures we have her and answer the questions we gave that address how to feel God's answers to our prayers.   I know this is real as I have done it in my life.

She later called the missionaries, who speak Japanese, and asked a few questions about it and was studying it and planned on completing the assignment.  Unfortunatly it was raining on Sunday when she was planniong on coming to church and we would discuss the assignment.  She only walks and was unable to come.   We will see here again this week and see how it is going.

It is so much fun to be able to bike around Kumamoto on missionary activities and keeps us in good health and weight, I hope.  Here is my favorite wheels.

Kumamoto is a very interesting place and so much fun to get to know more and more.

Here is the Kumamon, a symbol for this area, also enjoying biking in Kumamoto in the rain.


  1. I love reading your posts each week. You are a wonderful example to me and my family.


  2. Nice to hear from you, we are so glad you were all safe from the tornado's.

  3. I love the scarecrow! lol
    But I can't believe you have to pay for parking for bikes! That's crazy! Would you say that traffic in Japan is orderly or crazy? I'm curious. Here in China it's a nightmare. lol

    1. I wouldn't say the biking traffic is crazy but if we go when the high school students are biking to or from school, I don't think they use a lot of good judgment when they bike. I have seen several accidents; even my wife had a collision this week.


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