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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 86 September 22 - 28 2014

October is nearly upon us and the temperatures and humidity are just starting to moderate.  This is a welcome change.  The real hard thing is humidity, living in the western United States, where it is almost always dry, it had been hard to get use to it.  Even in the winter the high humidity's make it feel colder.

We had a busy week and my wife's blog gives more detail:

Saturday was our last temple service day for a month due to closure during the week-end General Conference is shown in Japan.  We enjoy, so much our opportunity to be of service there.

We took the opportunity of being in Fukuoka to go to Costco again.  One of the missionary apartments decided to get food from Costco instead of going out to lunch.

The Fukuoka, Japan Costco is all decked out for the three big U.S. holidays for the rest of the year.

First is Halloween.  It is not celebrated by all Japanese, but we do in our English class at the church and every store and many locations have decorations for sale or on display.

Next is Thanksgiving which is not celebrated at all among the Japanese, but American's like to have a Thanksgiving feast if possible and Costco has the only turkeys we have ever seen here.

Then is Christmas, which is widely celebrated here.  Eventually we will see decorations at all major stores, just like in the U.S.

Costco is helping out.

The snow people here are not exactly Christmas but are often associated with it.

They even help out with Christian tradtions of Christmas.

It will be a wonderful fun time of year for the next three months.

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