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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Week 66 May 5 - 11, 2014

Preparation day was on Tuesday this transfer week.  So we biked downtown Kumamoto to see what parts of Golden week celebration we could see.   Only saw one performance by the Kumamoto castle wall.

Here is the sunset on this beautiful spring day.

Wednesday was Japanese and English class at the International Center.  On the way back we passed the houses that are being built outside our apartment balcony.  They just started the foundation for the fifth one on a lot not much bigger than our fairly small lot in California.  See the foundation in the forground left of this picture.  This spot of land is similar to the front yard of the larger house behind it now.  That is two of the five, the third is to the right of it.

And here are houses four and five.

This is parking for the two larger houses in the back.

The smaller houses have parking in front as below.

Thursday the eighth had a rather cloudy sunset.  Rainy season is typically in June, just around the corner.

Saturday we took a trip to the Fukuoka Temple and helped a friend of ours do the ordinance work for some of her ancestors.  It was  a wonderful experience.

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