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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 57 March 3 - 9, 2014

Our next phase of our mission starts back in Kumamoto, with a photo of the moon.

We so enjoyed watching via a web cast the Gilbert Arizona Temple cultural celebration.  Our Granddaughter was performing in it.  They did a wondrous performance under adverse conditions of rain that is always a blessing to Arizona. However, the miracle was not clear weather, with rain all around, rather it was good enough to allow courageous youth to perform, with the outburst that flooded the park they performed in after it was completed.  It told of many hero's of the children of Abraham.  I captured this image of a great prophet warrior told about in the Book of Mormon, call Moroni.  He inspired the hearts of his people to defend against the enemy by hosting up a flag, that...

In memory of our God our Religion, and Freedom, and our Peace, our Wives and our Children.

Alma 46:12 

It is a fantastic story that is wonderful to read.
Looking outside our balcony we look again at the houses being built on the adjacent lot.  Two large houses have been build and one smaller one with room for two more, all in a only somewhat large California house lot.

On Wednesday we rode our bikes to the Kumamoto International center again to sign up for Japanese classes again and offer our services to teach English. We enjoyed going by the Kumamoto Castle as we renew our life in Kumamoto.

We rode down a road by the castle lined with cherry trees.

Imagine how beautiful it will be a few weeks when full of fragrant cherry blossoms.

Here is the Kumamoto International Center:

It appears we may learn Japanese and teach English here till January 4th 2015.

Inside the center was this display of dolls for Hinamatsuri (Doll's Festival) day, or girls day which is on March 3rd.  This is the first National holiday that we have experienced in Japan twice.  That is a landmark.

Here is an interesting picture of some boys paying soccer in what use to be the moat of the castle.

Saturday we went back to Fukuoka for our first day serving in the Temple.  It was so nice to be in that peaceful environment, providing service to those who attend.  It brought back that wonderful peace I felt serving in the Oakland Temple.  That same day a former missionary that we served with in Kumamoto and a wonderful young lady from the Nagamine Ward were married for time and all eternity.  We were honored to be able to attend.  It was a joyous day, we even got back to Kumamoto in time to attend part of the reception and get some wedding cake, yum, yum.

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