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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 31: September 2 - 8, 2013 Japan Fukuoka Mission

Monday, Preparation day was rainy and we didn't do much picture worthy.  Luetta borrowed a sewing machine and modified a set of curtains to fit the very tall patio door/window in the new Shimizu Sisters Apartment.

Here are some pictures of the new apartment.
Entrance to main floor, above the storage/parking areas.  The apartment uses propane for the stove and water heater, see tanks in this picture.  The second floor has the tatami mats for sleeping and a large study area for the desks etc.

The drapes Luetta modified on the balcony door/window.

The dining set is in the living room due to the very spacious home they have.

Pantry in the storage under the stairs going upstairs.

Kitchen with built in cabinets/sink with stove on the far right.  In front of the stove is the refrigerator.  in the foreground is the appliance stand we bought for them.  These always have a roll out shelft for the rice cooker.  A rice cooker is central to all Japanese kitchens.  The microwave and Toaster that are in the window now will be moved to the appliance stand.

Here I am in our apartment by the table where I keep my computer.  This the location where we have most of our Skype Japanese classes and sometimes with our family.

On Thursday we took a bike ride to a less active member, on the way back we passed these very interesting bamboo groves.

I am fascinated by the bamboo grooves here in Japan, they just grow wild in the city and in the surrounding mountain forests.

On Sunday we visited the Yatsushiro Branch meetings.  We were asked to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies.  It was fun, and our family was a key part of our introduction and a fundamental part of our testimony.

We our serving our mission during the huge increase in missionaries we are experiencing in the Church.  We did a summary of the mission when we first arrived and now and got these statistics.

Catch the wave in the Fukuoka Mission 
2/192013 8/2313/20
Elders Sisters Couples Elders Sisters Couples
Fukuoka 14 4 2 19 10 2
Nagasaki 8 2 0 13 7 0
Kagshima 12 0 0 15 5 2
Ginowan 9 6 4 10 7 4
Hiroshima 12 4 0 19 7 2
Yamguchi 8 2 2 8 10 2
Kumamoto 12 2 2 19 7 2
Naha 10 2 0 16 5 0
85 22 10 119 58 14
TOTAL 117 191 39%
73% 19% 9% 62% 30% 7%

Here is a screen shot of the new Catch the wave presentations that being given to the members here in Japan by the missionaries.

What a great time to serve a mission.  We expect great things to happen here in Kumamoto and all of Japan, probably the world.


  1. Wow, that apartment looks big! I would bet that is unusual for Japan.

  2. It is very unusual for a missionary apartment to be a single family house. However, single family houses in Japan are still small compared to American homes.


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