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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 14 - May 6-12, 2013 Fukuoka Japan Mission

Preparation Day this week was great fun.  We were able to bike down to downtown Kumamoto to see some festivities for Golden Week, a holiday here in Japan.

 We went to the Kotsu Center and saw some wonderful Japanese Drum performances. The intensity of the sound was enough to feel the vibrations throughout my body. The energy of the drummers is amazing.

We also saw a youth singing group at the "long wall of the Castle", their music was really good.

The also offered boat ride on the river in front of the castle, I would have loved to try them out, but we didn't.  Better yet if I could only kayak on the river, Yome!!


Tuesday was District meeting a with a great spiritual lesson about how everyones is perceived different.  We put images on our forehead that only others could see then they would try to get you to feel bad about your card.  I felt the meaning of this is that only God knows our true value and we shouldn't listen to others that are giving us the wrong impression. 

We had lunch afterwards at a wonderful kebob place.

On Wednesday we biked again to downtown Kumamoto (third time this week) to the international center.  We are now teaching English there as well as twice a week at the church.  We have three employees who are our students.  We also take a Japanese class there and our teacher once he found out we were teaching English asked if he could join, so that will make 4 students.  What a blessing to get to know so many people here in Japan.  I know great things will come of this.

We stoped by the castle to get a picture of us to send to the mission Presidents wife for Mother's Day.  Guess she is like a mother to all the missionaries and they wanter to honor here with a slide show.  I wanted to use this one with our bikes but Luetta said no.

and we used this one.

Thursday, back to inspecting apartments. We went to Saga and meet Elder Lawson who's apartment in Oita we had already inspected last transfer. Missionary apartments vary a lot in their age of use and upkeep. They often have paper sliding doors between rooms and on the closets that for active young men don't hold up to well. Most apartments that them down and hide them. Here is why.

Friday we went to Kurume, sister missionaries.  The toilet seat was broken and not attached anymore.  We tried real hard to find a replacement but was not sucessful.  We will keep on looking, I feel real sad we didn't get this fixed.

Saturday we had the sister missionaries over and an investigator.  They made a variety of dishes (Japanese and Korean) for the investigator to give to her mother on Mothers day.  They had a couple of rolls left over which they gave us as well as the left over ingredients.  Luetta made more with the ingredients and we enjoyed several meals with what I think is called California rolls in California but here is called Makizushi.  Here is a picture of it on our table.

On Sunday, Mothers Day here in Japan we had wonderfull Sunday Meeting, two wards work and two Ward Missionary Coordination meeting.  Mom go wonderfull Mother's Day gifts from both wards and the Missionaries in our District gave her a very thoughful gift with beautiful pictures of birds around the world.

Now Mothers Day in America is tomorrow, Monday, but that's next week blog.

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