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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 10 - April 8 - 15, 2013 Japan Fukuoka Mission

I'm late on this weeks blog.

On Monday we went to the post office, which also has a post bank associated with it.  We have an account in the Post Bank and make payments for our car to the mission through this account and they put reinbursements for expenses such as travel to assist in missionary work and travel for apartment inspections.  Net - Net it stays about the same.

We also pay fast offering donations to the church through our Post Bank account.  Here is an example of the form you have to fill out

Tuesday was district meeting as usual, but we traveled to Omuta, where a Missionary is the branch President.  A huge task for one so young, but the branch has almost doubled in attendance since he started.  He gave all the less actives, in the branch, callings, telling them how much they were needed and loved.  They all responded and accdepted and even better are active in their calliings.  What a miracle of faith.  Here is photo of the wonderful branch buildiing in downtown Omuta.

After meeting, which was great as usual, with wonderful motivating teachings, we went to CoCo and had Curry. You can choose a heat level from one to ten. One elder choose then and he was in obvious pain. I choose four and felt it was very hot but still delicious. Mom choose three and will go with a lower level next time.

Wednesday was another fantastic English Conversation Class (Eikaiwa えいかいわ in Japanese).  We came across an interesting building today, I think it is a school playground but I am not sure.

On thursday I had a picture taken of me by a Japanese family van which is quite small by comparison to American Vans.

But on Friday, I found and even smaller car, which has the benefit of being easy to park.

Can't believe it has been 10 weeks.

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  1. Paul just spent 10 days in India. I asked him if he got tired of the food, but he said no.

    I think that one building is actually an alien ship in disquise. ;)


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