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Monday, October 8, 2012

Wild Flowers and other Flora

During my Pacific Coast bike trip I found myself going relatively slow, compared to a car along the side of roads.  I enjoyed looking at the wildflowers along the road.  They seemed to change in character and type as I moved south.  Here are the ones I took pictures of as I moved from Canada to Mexico.

(Canada and most of the way through Washington)

I need everyone to help me identify each flower and send me their guess.  I will reveal answers later

071612 Mon To Port Angeles: 
Here we are still in Canada mainland.

On Vancouver Island approaching Victoria

071712 Tue To Klahowa:
In Washington



071912 Thur To Willaby Quinault

072012 Fri ToTwin Harbors:
A wet day left little attention to flowers, unfortunatly.

072112 Sat To Bay City:
A second wet day and I took no pictures of wild fowers.  At least the rain helped them grow better.

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